Seriously, put in your bite-plate before turning this documentary on.

As the natural follow-up to Selma, Ann DuVernay has produced an educational and shocking call to action. I could comment on it as a movie (it ain’t perfect), but that isn’t the point. You should see this… you must see this. Even if you grew up during most of the eras covered, even if you were involved, even if you feel you know a lot of what was going on, you’ll still discover gaps in your knowledge.

The hypocrisy and horror of the post-Jim Crow years is laid bare in this film, as much as it can be in a 2 hour period and still make its point. But if you wonder why so many people have been angered and scared of the current political rhetoric and direction, listen to what it echos from our own recent past. See what it is all rooted in. And then understand that when the film was made, the ship was starting to turn away from private prisons until the current administration reversed that intent (Daily Beast, Fox News).

If you can get to the end of this docu and not want to change something, regardless of your political beliefs, you don’t have an ounce of humanity in you.

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