3 Idiots

I was seduced by this film’s message and ebullience. There is something magical and fun about Bollywood films, but often they come off so traditional that no amount of production numbers is going to make it stand out. This film has the scope, the romance, the humor, the story, and the songs, but it also has some modern twists and an incredibly well structured script… even amidst the  predictability, there are twists you just don’t expect. And it is infectiously upbeat, much like its main character.

So all that said, the humor, at times, is overly broad for my taste. I was reminded of Exporting Raymond as I was watching as some of this is cultural expectation. But some was not. It was probably my biggest gripe, but then I don’t tend toward broad slapstick by choice. Even Shakespeare’s clowns make me yawn at times as they were created specifically for the groundlings and to relieve the audience from unrelenting tragedy.  But I usally just find that kind of humor (e.g., fart jokes) a bit pointless. What can I say, I like to wallow. Fortunately, in this flick, the broad aspects are balanced by more realistic moments and acting.

It isn’t that broad comedy cannot work… I am a huge fan of Mel Brooks’ films and South Park for that matter. Perhaps I have to think this through at some point in a post–why some broad humor works and why, in other cases, it is just empty and annoying to me? But I’m slipping off topic.

As is typical, this isn’t a short film, so settle in and enjoy the ride. The message and story are both worth the time. I even found myself re-evaluating my choices as I was watching. For a film, I cannot imagine higher praise for its effect.

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