Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

[3 stars] This expansion of the Miss Fisher mysteries by Acorn TV isn’t awful, but it isn’t the Miss Fisher we knew and loved. It is simply a fun set of mysteries and characters. The core issue is the title character. Geraldine Hakewill is fine, but she doesn’t have even a small portion of the … Continue reading Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

Assassin’s Creed

Well, it is certainly a pretty film. Yep, that’s about it. I hate seeing potential unrealized, especially when a good idea (not making a movie of a game, but the base concept) and a truly talented cast are brought together. Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Marion Cotillard (April and the Extraordinary World) are usually hypnotic … Continue reading Assassin’s Creed

Game of Thrones (Series 6)

This was arguably the best season of the tale so far, more for how it was directed rather than any significant difference in the story. The tale itself has been rich and complex from the beginning. The main difference for me was around how sex and violence were slathered on this round. Violence, which in previous … Continue reading Game of Thrones (Series 6)

The Babadook

If you prefer your horror more on the suspense and psychological end rather than the gory, this film is a gift for you. Like Borgman, it is a slow, intense build that plays a bit with your mind. In the main role, in fact in just about every scenes, is Essie Davis (Miss Fisher Murder … Continue reading The Babadook

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Essie Davis may well have created one of those rare, singular detectives that are indivisible from their performer. If the quality and fun of the Miss Fisher mysteries is maintained, that moniker is likely to join the ranks of Poirot, Foyle, and Fletcher; characters/performances such as these cannot be easily (if ever) repeated because the actor and … Continue reading Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries