A Good Day to Die Hard


There are so many bad jokes to start this commentary with that begin with ED references, but I shall resist, with great difficulty. This latest addition to the Die Hard series is a series of pretty astounding stunts in search of a story that never comes together.In fact, the initial car chase has some of the most realistic asphalt carnage I’ve ever seen in a film amidst the fantastical and absurd lead-car actions.

It isn’t that Willis (Looper) or even the considerably less talented Courtney (Spartacus) weren’t trying to imbue their characters with some kind of emotion and relationship, it just isn’t there in the remaining script. I’m assuming like Live Free or Die Hard, this script was originally a stand-alone that was adapted for the Die Hard series. Live Free, adapted from WWW3.Com, worked for for me though many complained about it. There were enough McLane-isms and moments that felt natural to me that I could go with it. In Good Day, however, they all felt like bad and forced grafts and out of place tag lines.

If you want to see a bunch of really big stunts pasted together with a plot that is about as engaging as a typical porn film, you might enjoy this, but I wouldn’t waste the 97 minutes.

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