Absolutely Anything


Absolutely delightful. Sorry, couldn’t resist. The movie isn’t perfect, but having the Python gang back together along with one of the last captured performances of Robin Williams (Night at the Museum) and you know hilarity will ensure. Simon Pegg (Kill Me Three Times) leads the cast with his usual vulnerable manner. It isn’t a new kind of character for him, but it is one he does so well and believably you don’t mind seeing it again and again as he always infuses it with something just a bit different.

As the object of his affection, Kate Beckinsale (Total Recall) creates a completely believable woman who always picks the wrong men and whose circumstances help cause roadblocks for Pegg’s intentions. There are also a load of fun supporting performances, with just a little too little Eddie Izzard (Shadow of the Vampire) for my preference. Though, I will admit, his performance was a little broad. But that was generally the case as the entire story is just wonderfully absurdist amidst a sweet romance film.

The only actor who feels wrong in the cast is Rob Riggle (Killers). He serves his purpose, but so broad as to feel out of place against the main couple. Given the rest of the story, he isn’t so ridiculous in the plot, but it doesn’t balance well with the other performances. You can’t even see how Beckinsale would have fallen for him at all, despite seeing her make at least one consciously bone-headed pass late in the film.

This isn’t the only film to have humans with god-like powers, but this has a great sense of wry humor from start to finish and it is aimed at adults, not kids. It has yet to find a distributor in the States or even a disc release, but for lovers of Python it is a must-see. It isn’t their greatest work, but director and co-writer Terry Jones had fun revisiting the insanity of all his earlier works in this slightly less broad and more cohesive story; not every movie can be The Holy Grail or contain gems like Every Sperm is Sacred.

Absolutely Anything

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