Adult Beginners


Honestly, this is a middling film with a bunch of great scenes that are never quite knit together to form a wholly satisfying movie, despite some entertaining and very truthful moments.

Kroll (The League, The Kroll Show) and Byrne (Damages, This is Where I Leave You) play a dysfunctional pair of siblings trying to find their way to adulthood. Cannavale (Ant-Man) adds to the mix and helps keep the other two grounded through his performance, which is at once funny and true. The film is at its strongest during its scripted moments. When it tries too hard “to be real” by slipping into improv, frankly, it failed for me. To be up front, Kroll just reminds me of a cheap-man’s John Lovitz (who is also not my favorite comedian), and he is the driving force of the story; so it was trying to overcome an immediate deficit for me.

If you want to see a good movie about adults becoming, well, adult, you’d do better with The Skeleton Twins, This is Where I Leave You, or even Laggies. Each of these are better films overall than this offering. If you’re a fan of the cast, however, you’ll probably enjoy this enough to make it worth your time. It barely was for me.

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