The Amazing Spider-Man 2


OK, I admit it, this was more entertaining than I expected. After being rather disappointed with the first reboot, they seemed to get a bit back on track with the characters, even if they are drifting off the source material more and more.

I can say that the overly comic book style of the plot kept distracting me from the more grounded aspects of the movie. Seriously, after going to such great lengths to make the world more scientifically believable, they choose eel bites to make you near magical? And, honestly, the F/X were sub-par most of the time. I just didn’t quite believe I was watching Spider-Man fly through the air, though I still love how gangly and barely in control they depict it.

What saved this film at all was the acting. Fields (Lincoln), in particular, did a great job providing heart and some sense of depth. Garfield (The Social Network) and Stone (The Croods), both of whom I enjoy on screen, make a great, believable, and compelling couple. DeHaan (Kill Your Darlings) did what he could with the script. Foxx (White House Down), while working his part hard, was too much of a cardboard cut-out for me. I couldn’t feel sorry for him, though the near-schizophrenic quality to his story was quite a nice touch. Ultimately, his evolution, literal and figurative, was too great to swallow.

Of course, part of the issue with the movie was, like Man of Steel, they were too focused on creating their franchise and future possibilities than focusing on a story. And the spine of the story they did have was a repeat of the first movie. Admittedly, it is a recurring theme for Spidey, but if you’re going to remake the myths, you might as well improve upon them.

So, sure it was entertaining, but it was a mixed bag on delivery. Given that the third movie was pushed off a couple years so they could get out the Sinister Six, I’m not sure how committed they really are to the characters. So invest your time, but don’t get too invested. Who knows if they’ll reboot it again before too long?

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