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A very mixed bag of relatively new animation has been gracing my screens of late. Only one, Blue Period, can I whole-heartedly recommend. And The Prince was diverting, if not brilliant. But the others no doubt have their supporters.

Blue Period
This isn’t an action piece, nor a fantasy. It’s a simple coming-of-age tale that is oddly compelling. Even more so if you’re in the arts of any kind. Blue Period follows the artistic awakening of a teenager and his path to learning and finding his way in the world. The title is a meaningful reference, but if you don’t know it, that’s fine too…watch and discover just as our protagonist does.

Inside Job
I kinda wanted to like this more than I did. It’s funny and dark, riffing on every conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard. But it also has some humanity to it…though you have to squint a bit to appreciate it. Imagine Futurama with all the wheels off for the dynamics of the story. Ultimately, this won’t hold me. The premise just wears thin after a while. The humor is far too crude rather than clever most of the time. And the conspiracy nods aren’t anything much that I follow or care about in real-life enough to entertain me.

Much like Inside Job, the story has its moments, but the overall framework just gets dull. Part of that is the humor, which has few levels and only really one approach. It’s somewhat shrill, and it’s definitely a depressing look at the world. Depending on your level of “jaded” it will resonate or it won’t. For me, not so much, even though it had its moments.

The Prince
I wasn’t prepared to enjoy this. It has all the flaws of some of the others I’ve mentioned. However, the episodes are only about 10-15 minutes long, so I never got too bored or annoyed. And it is clever, with one of the most bizarre arcs holding it together; one you really can’t predict. Honestly, I expected to hate it (I’m not a Royals follower or hater) but it became a quick fix for a silly few minutes during my evenings. It isn’t brilliant, but it is worth a quick look. I’m actually looking forward to the next season to see where they take it.

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