The Angry Birds Movie


Like so many people, I’m a bit of an addict for the feathery freaks that have spawned so many games and, finally, this embarrassing money grab of a movie. Adapting the game to a movie was never going to be an easy job; other than the conceit of stealing eggs there is no real tale to tell, no characters. And how do you make the eating of one group’s young palatable to children without it missing the point entirely for adults?

The answer, apparently, is that you make everything so surfacey and shift the story to make being “angry” a positive thing. Of course, that isn’t the point, but they were stuck with their own terminology and source material… and it is, basically, a fail despite some moments. I will give them credit for trying to find a way to tell the story… they didn’t just take us somewhere where birds are using slingshots to bust up piggie dwellings for the heck of it. But, honestly, something a bit more Animal Farm and cold war reflective might have been more interesting all around.

The voice talent was good, not stellar. Josh Gad’s (Pixels) character, in particular, was confused at best in all the what’s and why’s of his presence. The rest work, but aren’t really anything special. In the end, the moment you wait for… which is seeing all these specialized birds save the day… is a confused, visual mess that doesn’t really represent the game well and doesn’t forge a new vision that makes that OK as a viewer.

Bottom line, good for kids, maybe, but not a particularly great entertainment.

The Angry Birds Movie

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