The Bletchley Circle (Series 2)


These kinds of tough, intelligent women are wonderful to have back on the small screen (even if it took me ages to get the write up out). We just don’t have enough of them, though we are starting to see more every season (for example, Jessica Jones  Miss Fisher, and Agent Carter).

I would have liked to see a bit more fallout from the previous series. While those issues are acknowledged, they are quickly vanquished and the plot tries to have you believe that the need to solve the puzzle and help friends is more powerful than the concerns and lingering fears. I can buy that, but it all felt a bit rushed so these women could just jump into the latest mystery.

Anna Maxwell Martin (Death Comes to Pemberly) is most affected by this rush. The others all landed well on their feet and went about their lives. Martin’s Susan is to be considered still hurting from their last outing (for good reason) but not enough to stop her getting involved again; her turnabout feels a little cheated. Despite this, her sharp intelligence is a great thing to see in action. Though she isn’t the leader of the bunch, she is clearly an integral lynch-pin. And yet they manage to pull that pin well and, eventually, let the pieces fall where they may.

As a shift, the addition of Hattie Morahan (Mr. Holmes) was interesting and done well. It expanded the world of the inner-circle, but didn’t violate the rules. It also reminded us that our intrepid four were far from unique, however good they were. There were many  other intelligent and strong women at Bletchley. As a follow-on to the original series, this is worthy, if a bit less digestible, short, and feeling somewhat hollow at times. That doesn’t make it less fun, but it diminished my interest in seeing a third go-round if it should ever be done.

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