Boy Meets Girl (UK)


While it has moments of a very typically broad English sitcom, this is a surprisingly effective and entertaining show. All the more so when you realize that Rebecca Root has  a very personal investment in the show’s plot, being transgendered herself. She and Harry Hepple play wonderfully together as the age gapped couple trying to give-in to love while also fending off their challenging families.

The show is unafraid to tackle the subjects they raise, and the fallout it can produce. Admittedly, they have provided characters in the lead who are more open than a good percentage of the world, but, then again, if they weren’t the show’s plot wouldn’t make much sense.

I doubt this show will ever see the light of day on our shores, so I suggest you seek this one out either via DVD or other means. It is very funny when it works, and a bit cringe-worthy when it doesn’t. All of the scenes with the two leads are handled well and work, it is the family sequences that can sometimes klang (at least for me). But the cast is solid and the writing witty. This will go down as a landmark show, right up there with Vicious, even if it doesn’t get the distribution it should round the world.

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