Yes, Bunheads. It doesn’t quite match the acerbic wit and unexpectedness of the original Gilmore Girls yet, but there is enough there to keep you coming back. Sutton Foster, hugely talented on her on, is for better or worse a Lauren Graham clone and, of course, Kelly Bishop is doing what she does best–quasi evil relation with a gooey center. In other words, if you enjoyed Gilmore, you can’t help but like this latest Palladino romp. And, it has been renewed, so you aren’t just throwing time into the wind for an unfinished series. In fact, the end of the season will have you begging for more.

On the down side, it is on ABC Family, which is restricting, though not completely, the subject matter. But neither series needed to be too explicit to work. And, no matter how smarmy some of the show gets, it is balanced by the dry wit and cutting remarks of the two leads. Someone always brings it back down to Earth. As with Gilmore, just watching for the dialogue exchanges is worth your time. The Palladinos aren’t quite as adept as Whedon, but they’re damned close in some ways.

This show won’t float everyone’s boat, but I am always surprised by how much I enjoy it. Even when I’d promised myself I wouldn’t add another show to my list, the pilot for for this one caught my attention and then each week got me to keep coming back. Give it a chance, you might be very surprised.

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