Captain America: Civil War


Well, Phase 3 is off to a rip-roaring start and while Whedon may be out of the picture over at Marvel now, his legacy and approach set the template well. The Russo’s directorial return to Captain America.  with a script again from McFeely and Markus, is full of action, emotion, humor, and solid story. What Batman v Superman wanted to be, this movie manages to tackle much more believably (if still in a comic book universe).

And no matter what I write here, you’re going or you’ve already decided not to, so there is no point in trying to convince you. So, instead, I’ll cover some of the nits and tech (and still no spoilers).

Biggest nit was the opening couple of fights which were done with hand-held camera. In IMAX 3D, have to say that was a horrible way to go. Hard to follow, devalued what appeared to be great stunts and choreography, and at times was a bit nauseating. Delayed entry into the film as a viewer, even if it set up the uneasy feeling they were trying to establish. Fortunately, that dropped away and the rest were done either steady or long-shot.

Nicest surprise was that the 3D continues to improve. The experience was wonderful and the image crisp. Didn’t get exhausting to watch and definitely added a layer of entertainment to the story.

The introductions of Tom Holland (In the Heart of the Sea) and Chadwick Boseman (Draft Day) were done nicely and just subtly enough that even when you were watching for it, the moments weren’t overly heavy handed. Both appear to have some great potential and movies ahead of them. And the likely recurring characters of Daniel Brühl (Woman in Gold), William Hurt (Humans), Martin Freeman (The World’s End), and Marisa Tomei (The Big Short) has potential as well.

And, yes, there are two tags again… don’t leave till the lights come back up.

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