Cockneys vs. Zombies


If you’re looking for some delightfully silly fun in the vein of Shaun of the Dead, this will do you for an evening. It isn’t really on the same level, but it ranks in the same group as, say, Grabbers, and it will make you laugh and cringe in fun.

Led by a group of well-meaning misfits and unlikely heroes played by Treadaway (The Lone Ranger), Hardiker (Your Highness), and Ryan (Doctor Who, Jekyll) a plan is hatched and chaos ensues. Joining the main group, a couple notable side-kicks get added played by King (The New Normal) and Gardner (Last Tango in Halifax).

But what helps set this particular comedy/horror apart is the third group of battling humanity in the nursing home. On the OAP side of things, the indomitable Honor Blackman (Goldfinger), Alan Ford (Snatch), and Richard Briers take up arms and spout invective to beat the band. Think a grittier version of RED with one of the funnier chase scenes I’ve seen in a movie.

While not for everyone, this is definitely a popcorn flick for lovers of zombie slaughter and gore. It never takes itself too seriously and some of the background action is even funnier than the forescreen. And if you love rhyming slang, there are some great moments sprinkled throughout.

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