Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same


For the title alone I had to check out this film. I didn’t expect to stay with it or even like it, but despite its low-fi feel and purposefully flat delivery, it was not only entertaining, it made me care about these bizarre characters. It even managed to make me think about some broader (no pun intended) issues.

Writer/director Olnek knew exactly what kind of film she was making and what kind of budget she had for her first feature. Rather than pretend otherwise, the film is done with a huge nod and wink; the approach was to highlight how low-budget it was with the props and shooting style. Because she was so honest about her resources, you accept them, enjoy the admissions, and move on. In some ways it was like watching classic Doctor Who. Even with all the cardboard sets and sill costumes, you could still enjoy the stories.

Olenk’s cast committed to the conceit and limitations as well. And clearly they all loved working together as leads Ziegler (Timer) and Haas are the leads again in Olnek’s second film, The Foxy Merkins.

Check this out when you’ve time. You’re likely to be surprised by how good a film it turns out to be, despite every initial indication to the contrary. There are some good laughs and some very sweet moments. And, despite the visual and satiric similarities to The Coneheads, this never allows any of the jokes to go on too long or go stale.

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