If you enjoy the likes of Foyle’s War, Midsommer Murders, Poirot, and many other BBC mysteries, you’ll enjoy this new contribution by writer, not to mention creator, of so many of these shows, Anthony Horowitz.

A simple premise… a multi-car pile-up occurs on a highway and two officers spend the series untangling the cause and the lives involved. In wonderful mystery tradition, there isn’t a car or a person involved without secrets and issues. The 5 episodes peel back the layers and leave us with a sense of closure born out of a random event.

Also in BBC tradition, there isn’t likely a face you won’t recognize from other shows. Of note, and headlining the cast, is Douglas Henshall, late of Primeval–another BBC guilty pleasure of mine. Also, Lenora Crichlow, Annie of Being Human, has a fun role. But there isn’t a weak member or story line in the set.

While there are twists, surprises, and turns, the real interest here is the interplay and human drama. With little exception, you can get ahead of the plot. Once knowing all the pieces, however, a rewatch will likely expose some additional subtlties and interest.

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