Wes Craven does what he does very well. Horror is a genre that is particularly difficult in which to create rewatchable fare. Craven respects the genre without ever taking it too seriously or too literally. This movie is no exception. It is full of twists, riffs on old themes, inside references to other horror films, and most importantly, humor.  I can absolutely see watching this again down the road.

When American Werewolf in London came out, it rewrote the expectations of those that loved the genre. It was suddenly very clear that you could laugh and still be terrified, that it, in fact, made the scary moments more scary because the world felt more real. Cursed is very much in that vein of humor, updated for the mid-2000s.

Craven is also great for finding young talent or reusing existing talent in new ways. Whether it is a young Johnny Depp in the first Nightmare or Scott Baio in Cursed, his sense of talent is impressive. There are rarely weak links in the cast… and the weaker tend to be killed off earlier. Again, it is his repsect for the genre as a craft rather than as just cheap slasher fare that brings that kind of talent to him and makes him seek out unknowns with chops when he needs to.

OK, yes, I’m a Wed Craven fan, what can I say? I’m also a fan of many of the actors in this piece: Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson (minus Dawson’s), Jesse Eisenberg, Milo Ventimiglia, Scott Baio, even Michael Rosenbaum (with hair for a change).

With Halloween coming and the winter grays moving in, this is a perfect popcorn flick with which to curl up and have some fun.

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