If the Disney after-school special team got together to write a late night Showtime pilot for the dual demographic of adult males with a thing for Catholic school girls and teenage girls curious about other girls, this may have been the result.Yeah, it really is that absurd and embarrassing.

So, why, you ask did I watch the whole thing? Trivia more than anything else. Almost out of the gate we see Michael Clarke Duncan and a younger Geoff Stults who would reunite 7 years later in The Finder (before Clarke’s death shortly after the first season). Brewster and Aoki are out of the Fast & Furious franchise. Brewster, though she is surrounded by bad dialogue and crazy antics, manages a level of reality that is disarming. Also, the flick has surprising old and new talent like Megan Good, Holland Taylor, Jimmi Simpson. (No, I’m not going to waste time adding lots of links to this post–look ’em all up if you have an interest.)

This full-length film was an expansion of a lower-budget short version by the same writer/director, Angela Robinson. How she convinced anyone that it was worth a 3M budget, I don’t know, but obviously she talks a good game and recognizes hits; as an exec producer she has since run The L Word, Hung, and True Blood. However, writing and directing aren’t her strongest suits. She even edited this particular release.  And to continue the trivia comment from above, the previous low-budget version included Clare Kramer in Brewster’s role.

Essentially, skip this unless you can figure out how to turn it into a drinking game. There was potential, but it didn’t go quite far enough nor take itself seriously enough to work. As a stepping stone curio for Robinson and various cast members, it is worth noting, but that’s about it.

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