Daredevil (Series 2)


One of the great things about the Marvel universe, in general, is how complex it is and how close it maintains a reality that feels just a step away from our own world. It is part of why it feels so real and immediate, while still remaining fantastical.

Overall, this series builds well on its previous run. Groundwork is built upon and the characters each get more time to grow and change. The challenges and the memory of the show expand, and choices have consequences.

Daredevil, from its outset, has been rich and compelling, but I do have to admit that its sense of reality has always been a struggle for me. Unlike Jessica Jones (which is, I know, is in the same location) the NYC they depict hasn’t existed for 30 years, in my experience. It doesn’t ruin the show for me, it is fiction after all, but that distance from reality makes it a bigger leap for me. And, while I was willing to take that leap, the challenge was complicated this series because they decided to finally enter the court room…and, let’s face it, it was about time for a story about a couple of lawyers… 

Unfortunately, despite the typically great character and plot writing, no one did any research on courtroom and police procedure. It was, frankly, embarrassing to see the mistakes and choices in how the main court sequence  and crime scenes were run. It seriously devalued my enjoyment of the show for the middle part of the arc. Shame on the exec producers and writers, whose work I am usually very eager to see. Goddard (The Martian) and Petrie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) are incredibly talented, but I think they gave their writer’s room a bit too much freedom and not enough oversight on the details.

That annoyance aside, the structure of the season was more tangled than I would have thought could comfortably fit into 13 episodes. It never really let up and yet it never felt over packed either, even though the multiple plots all ran more parallel rather than from the same source. The additions of Elodie Yung (Gods of Egypt) and Jon Bernthal (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) were good fits as well.

I am definitely looking forward to round 3 of this one.


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