Despicable Me 2


Silly, ridiculous, satisfying fun. If you loved the original, you’ll definitely love this latest installment. If you were OK with the original, you’ll likely like this one more. And, frankly, that may be all you need to know if you haven’t already seen it. Which is unlikely, I know. Reality is that I’m way behind on getting to this because my reaction to the first round wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic as most folks.

This sequel isn’t brilliant, but it is much better than the first. They built on story and learned what was really interesting: the minions and the girls. They grew the characters, which really helped my willingness to commit, and they found a nice balance of slapstick versus more subtle humor to appeal to all levels of audience.

The message of the film was often a little Disney for my tastes, but the story felt solid. I do wish they’d been a little tighter on all the threads of the plot, but it served its purpose and entertained. Had they stuck a little closer to the cynical and twisted aspects of the first movie, I would have been happier.

The 3D was mostly silly and pointless tricks, however I am hearing that the home experience and extras are worth it. Unfortunately, none of that was on my disc so all I can go by is what I saw. Again, another reason to stop with the rental disc thing–right now I wouldn’t buy it, though I would watch it again down the road. Had I sampled the extras, perhaps it would be a different story. The movie was a great distraction from the every day grind, to be sure; I laughed a lot.

For their next trick, the minions are getting their own movie. If they can continue to expand the world and maintain their quality, they’ll have another huge hit on their hands. Seriously, how can you not like the minions?

2 thoughts on “Despicable Me 2”

  1. I wasn’t the hugest fan of the first, so that may explain why I didn’t care too much about this one either. However, I do have to say that Carell still entertains me voicing Gru. Good review.

  2. No argument on the voice cast at all. I’d love to see them continue the improvement to storylines as well. It didn’t hurt that I seriously needed some silly in my viewing after many intense films!

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