Despicable Me


Strangely, we saw this as a double-feature with Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole… and frankly, it suffered for it. Despite the box-office blast this had over the summer, it is pretty much derivative junk. This is definitely a soft 3 stars in my book and I have no need to see it again, though it had some good points going for it.

So, why all the ticket sales? I have to ask these questions, certainly Hollywood did. Inception and Despicable Me were the two over-performers this past summer. Most everything else under-performed to greater and lesser extents. The answer, general agreement has it, is these were original ideas and not sequels or reboots or adaptations.

Certainly our hero was a nice twist on the genre, at least as it has been going for a while. And our hero’s nemesis (what is a nemesis’ nemesis, BTW?) being a twisted version of Bill Gates was fun.

However, it was probably the minions that really sold it to the churning crowds. Ready-made cute silliness that would also make great toys and short films… several of which I gather were on the disc.. but we couldn’t see them since it was a rental disc that prompted us to buy it to “complete our viewing experience.” An experience that prompted my other post about the state and greed of the industry. Read that if you want the details.

The movie started strong (for about 5 minutes I thought I was going to see a new Incredibles) but then petered out into predictability and cartoon silliness instead of animated movie. Perhaps I just wanted more, after all there was a lot of hype, but I was just as often bored with the story as I was laughing with it.

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