Eighth Grade

[3.5 stars]

For his first film, writer/director Bo Burnham gives us a painful gem of what it is to be 13-ish. I can’t say I ever wanted to go back there in my mind but, despite the technology aspects, clearly little has changed. And that is part of the point.

What the technology brings to the story is a wonderful mirror for Elsie Fisher (Dirty Girl) to play with and against as we see her inner and outer voices. Her performance is wonderful and honest, with only a few forced hitches. Josh Hamilton (13 Reasons Why), as her father, also turns in a wonderfully subtle performance as a foil for Fisher. There are many other young actors who fill out Fisher’s school and world. Of them, Jake Ryan’s (Isle of Dogs) awkward tween Casanova is the most memorable.

Despite its particular and narrow focus, Eighth Grade is a reminder of just how alone and together we all are, regardless of age or family situation. It is honest to the point of making you cringe. The result is a great indicator of what Burnham and Fisher each may be capable of down the road. A24 continues to show off their ability to find unique and resonate films to distribute; see this at some point.

Eighth Grade

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