Einstein’s God Model


You don’t have to be a serious science geek to enjoy this film, but it helps. No, strike that, you DO have to be a serious science geek to enjoy this film. I really wanted it to be more like Primer, another low-budget, high-science film that was unexpectedly compelling and good. Unfortunately, the script in Einstein’s just isn’t as solid and the acting is, shall we say challenged a good deal of the time. There is a great deal more production value, however, though almost entirely put into the VFx.

I don’t mean to suggest there isn’t anything to this film; there is. The ideas and gathering of historical stories into a single tale is fun. The sensibility of the motivations and intent is also intriguing. But ideas don’t make a story, characters do.

As a first film for writer/director Phillip T. Johnson, it shows talent and potential. As a release, frustratingly, it doesn’t even rise to the Syfy Channel quality level. If you want 90 minutes to ponder the shape of the universe and how that may reflect against the supernatural, it is diverting; but not so much as an entertainment.


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