Furious 7


Story? Well, this doesn’t quite live in a world of reality (either for physics or procedure). There’s just barely enough of a veneer to slide your brain to the finishing moments. Then again, you don’t come to this series for reality. The problem is that it is long for a movie with little connection to the world.

What you do get is a testosterone-filled movie full of stunts… almost to the point of numbing breathlessness. Seriously, in the first half hour I pretty much stopped being thrilled because it was just a bit too much to absorb that many stunts in so short a time. Then they backed off enough from the quick bikini and action shots so that I was able to be impressed again. 

One odd knock-on effect with this installment was Paul Walker’s (Brick Mansions) death before it was finished filming. I had managed to avoid finding out how they dealt with the loss in the film… but that also meant I spent the entire movie wondering how they might exit him from the story. To their collective credit, the cast, writers, and director all were conscious of that fact and played with it throughout the movie. It is a bit of morbid humor, but it added a darkly fun overlay to the action. And their ultimate decision on how to do so was well done.

So, sure, see this for the fun and the continuation of the annoying cliff-hanger from Fast & Furious 6 and the insane stunts. I can’t imagine how they top this latest in the series, but they’ll have to in order to keep the franchise alive. And, currently, the plan is for 3 more installments…

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