Inspector George Gently (Series 6)


Series 6 of our intrepid Inspector and his snarky side-kick picks up a year after Series 5 left us all hanging. I understand the leap, it gets them around having to deal with the immediate aftermath. However, it really felt like a bit of a cheat… at least at first.

That annoyance out of the way, the attempt to re-energize the period drama and shake up its formula a little was enjoyable to watch. The new series added a bit more of the late-60s violence and the ramped-up social tension we could see coming in the previous episodes. Much like the latest series of Foyle’s War, the jump forward in time provided the opportunity to include other historical issues that were just brewing in previous years, spicing the character of the stories with new flavor.

Shaw and Ingleby continue to develop their characters, though Ingleby’s moving forward by microns rather than meters; a fault of the writers, not the actor. The new stories provide both with opportunities to expose new aspects of themselves or change their outlooks. While it is a lot more of the same we’ve always seen, there are new paths opening up, and new risks to their personal stability. Whether a series 7 will capitalize on these opportunities has yet to be announced.

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