Hell and Back


Mind altered and sitting upon a frat house couch, this little diddy might meet your needs. However, sober, aware, comfortable with your sexuality, and with an emotional age above about 15 you’re likely going to find this disappointing. Even more so as the idea is good, the art production and animation engaging, and the voice talent solid. It is the script that is just juvenile, repetitive, and, frankly, a little embarrassing.

In the talent pool, the main cast of Nick Swardson (Hotel Transylvania 2), Mila Kunis (Jupiter Ascending), Bob Odenkirk (Freaks of Nature), T.J. Miller (Deadpool),
Rob Riggle (Absolutely Anything), Susan Sarandon (The Company You Keep), and Danny McBride (Your Highness) all play well together. Whether you like the script or not, you can’t fault the delivery. It isn’t like this kind of romp can’t work, witness John Dies at the End, which may have a different sort of leaning, but has many of the same challenges and rises above them. Heck, even He Never Died manages the balance better despite its flaws.

I do have to reiterate that the animation itself is really quite fun and visually inventive. So come for the idea and stay for the visuals if you feel you must. Just squint through the script… or run away and await another offering from director/co-writer Tom Gianas. There is talent there… now he just needs to get some maturity and taste to go with it.


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