Hinterland (Series 1)


Way up in Wales, a bit north of Vera country, we get a wonderful look, through a series of murder mysteries, at the experience of an “in-comer” DI-with-a-past to a small village.  The relationships and the language bounce between English and Welsh with ease and rapidity. The insight and ability to capture the small Welsh village experience is captivating… and according to my sources from that area, rather accurate.

The mysteries are nicely complex, if a little forced, and occasionally obvious. But, like many currently running series, it is as much about the people as the mystery. However, the first series attempts to loosely tie those mysteries together both in theme and facts as well.

The show cleverly leaves a lot of information about our lead, Richard Harrington, out of the stories, and yet implies a tremendous amount through moments. How long we will have to wait for answers, I don’t know, but the series is off to a good enough start that I’d be back should there be more. While not entirely a unique dish to savor, it has some new flavors to peak your interest.


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