Hitman: Agent 47


Let’s face it, you don’t expect much when you watch a movie based on a video game. Then again, you didn’t used to expect much when they were based on comics either. I’ve never played Hitman (not much of an FPS guy) but I can see where the rich universe and story could be fun. The result on screen is something like a low rent Bond meets Lucy, with Rupert Friend (Starred Up) and Hannah Ware (Shame) tearing up the world stage in a effort to survive and solve the base mysteries of their existence. And they do it with conviction.

Aligned against them, Zachary Quinto (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers: Age of Ultron) are a little more cardboard placeholder villains than true nemeses, but they serve their purposes. Quinto certainly had fun playing the role.

Ciarán Hinds (John Carter), in a smaller role, gets to try to add a bit of emotional depth. He doesn’t really succeed, but that is more about the script than his performance.

First time director Bach and Co-writers Woods (A Good Day to Die Hard) and Finch (November Man) have put together a great rainy afternoon flick, but nothing that will stand the test of time. Still, Bach, particularly, shows talent. The movie moves along nicely, has enough story to be more than just an action flick, and the talent he lined up makes the underlying material better than it actually is. And it is fun, if implausible and un-selfconscious about trying to perpetuate the franchise. I had fun with it, but I accepted what it was and how far it could go, which definitely helped expectations.

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