Hotel Transylvania 2


There is nothing substantive in this film. Sure there is a nice message about being yourself and loving people for who they really are and not who you want them to be. But the message is the only real meat; this film just isn’t complex as, say, Inside Out is. It is a bit of entertainment with some fun jokes. A lot of those jokes are quiet and aimed at the adults who are paying attention.

There just isn’t much more to say about this. It could have had more substance and really been interesting. ParaNorman-like, if you will. Instead Sandler and co. went for fluffy and empty with a sweet center. It goes down easily and is just as easily forgotten. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth spending 90 minutes with, especially if you have kids. But it is never going to make my top of anything list or grace my screen again for a second viewing.

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