How to be a Latin Lover

[3 stars]

When you’re in the mood for a broad (and I do mean broad) comedy, this will fill an evening. Eugenio Derbez (The Book of Life) is comfortable slipping between farce and emotional truth. No matter how outrageous his actions, he seems to be able to pull you back to his side with a simple look of remorse or self-deprecation.

Salma Hayek (The Hitmam’s Bodyguard) and Rob Lowe (The Orville) back him up well, while Kristen Bell (The Boss) provides some background humor that just keeps building through to the end. The two younger actors also do a great job.¬†Raphael Alejandro (Once Upon a Time) and¬† Mckenna Grace (Gifted) act as a nice counterweight to the adults. And, as a special treat, Linda Lavin (The Intern) and Raquel Welch (Myra Breckinridge) each get to have some truly special fun.

Ken Marino (In a World…), better known for being in front of the camera, directed this trifle reasonably well, if a little unevenly. Not bad for a first feature. Even the script was a first feature by Spain and Zack. Handicapped for these aspects, it is an impressive delivery…again, when you’re in the mood for it. I struggle with overly broad comedy at times. But, even unready for it, I enjoyed the romp thanks to its willingness to pull back on the accelerator rather than just getting more and more out of control.

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