The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (redux)


I had worried after seeing it the first time in theaters, that this sequel wouldn’t rewatch particularly well. Of course, the lack of shakey cam was definitely in its favor (like the first film). However, even more so was the tightness of the editing and the well executed series of secrets that are hinted at, when you know what to look for, but that are obscured if you do not.  While it feels like it is skimming the plot in many ways, it is really presenting Katniss’ view of the world rather well, while also quickly getting to the action that helps drive the story.

If there is one impressive moment and take-away in this second installment of the series, it is the final 20 seconds of the film. It is that moment that shows both Lawrence’s ability and the hope that the final two movies will have more focus and strength in them than the books. Katniss’ was still in the crucible for the first half of the final book. This film has her exiting the arena tempered and ready for what comes next. It will be fascinating to see how much they diverge from the books going forward on a character level.

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