In keeping with this movie’s respect for myth and fiction, I can best describe it as “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Depending on your mood and needs, this is either a good thing or a not so bad thing. It had eye-popping visuals, if a bit visually dark. It has buckets of blood and crushed bone and yards of skin. It has sphere-spanning views. And it has absolutely no relation to established history or myth nor, if you are willing to accept that, a particularly good or logical story. Even the main quest item hardly gets to be a satisfying part of the story and instead is just a moment’s instrument.

I like clever re-conceptions on known stories. One of the few aspects they did right along these lines was the Minotaur, at least in part. But there was so little for me to hang onto in this story that even 300 was looking like a master storyteller’s effort in comparison. What is a shame is that there was potential in the material and even in the cast, but that potential was only marginally realized.

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