Iron Man 2


Popcorn? Yes. Good. S’Ok. Where did it lose its way? As much as I like Sam Rockwell… his character, its direction, and his portrayal diminished this film irrevocably. Unlike the first, Rockwell’s villain is wholly unbelievable as a CEO that the Pentagon, let alone gun runners, would take seriously. He was a fool. Fools are not scary, esp. when they don’t even really have a finger on the Button of Doom (whatever that may be in the story). Without a real nemesis (Whiplash wasn’t, he was just a speed bump in this plot as depicted, however effective he was), Stark has nothing to push against–he humiliates Hammer and we’re not surprised. We needed to see his risks, as we did in the first film, to really appreciate his triumph. Hammer could easily have been done well (think more Eric Roberts) and still have been duped by Whiplash and ultimately come to a fall. It would have been more satisfying. Given that this was rushed to screen to capitalize on the success of the first, weaknesses are to be expected. With the third out a couple years, hopefully they’ll find their mojo again.

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  1. Thanks for the review…will wait for it to hit Free TV, maybe. I enjoyed the first one, and now kinda glad I didn’t rush to see this, yet, I didn’t rush to see the first. Still enjoyed the first.

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