Jack Reacher


Surprisingly entertaining and well done. Cruise and Pike (Barney’s Version, The Libertine) work well together, rarely lifting more than an eyebrow to impart their intent. It works for them. And supported by folks like Jenkins (Cabin in the Woods), Oyelowo (Paperboy), and Duvall, the cast sells a dark story with barely a twirled mustache.

There was a great deal of controversy about Cruise taking the role of the 6’+  hulk of an investigator, but he filled the empty space with charisma and energy. You don’t miss the size. In fact, in many ways, having the relatively diminutive Cruise as such a formidable force makes him feel more threatening than if he was a walking mountain that few people would assail to start with.

Writer/director  McQuarrie (The Tourist, Usual Suspects) brings his brand of complex plotting and dry wit effectively to this suspense story. Given the success of the movie, I suspect we’re seeing at least the dreams of a new franchise if not the launch of one. Certainly it kept my attention and filled every plot hole I thought I had found.

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