Jessica Jones


I’m not sure how much darker Marvel and Netflix can go before they alienate their audiences. Daredevil was pushing limits, but Jones dives into the deep end both in story and feeling. And it is done wonderfully.

Krysten Ritter (Big Eyes) embraces her natural edge and hones it, leaving behind the broad comedy she usually uses to balance it. What is left is a tough-as-nails, but vulnerable, broad. She isn’t so much a reluctant hero as a recovering victim, determined to take back her life and, as a by-product of the process, help others. The shift to helping others will become more pronounced as her character continues in the Marvel universe, but seeing her origin-ish story in this series is great fun and excellent drama.

Mike Colter (Good Wife) as her counterpart has his own road to run with Marvel. The connection between the two is cleverly orchestrated and then maintained by need.

After quite a long hiatus from meaty roles, it is also good to see Carrie-Anne Moss (Pompeii) sink her teeth into her character as a rabid lawyer. And Marvel has a lot of fun using her to spin tropes and make fun of society. Simply by being she will be provocative to a large portion of the audience.

David Tennant (Escape Artist, Doctor Who) has been shifting his sights darker and darker since his days on Who. It is helping distance him from those roots so it doesn’t dominate his career options, though the modern run of Who’s don’t seem quite as plagued as the classic run at being able to shake off the sonic screwdriver for other togs.

Haven’t managed to binge-watch it all yet, but recommending it based on what I’ve seen so far and their track record with Daredevil. With Thanksgiving a couple days away, figured a recommendation on how to spend a chunk of time wouldn’t be amiss.

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