Last Tango in Halifax (Series 2)


The first series of this tangled tale of families really caught me off-guard. It was a delightful mix of broad comedy, romance, and drama. At the risk of repeating myself, in case you missed the original description:

A modern, and slightly more serious take, on the As Time Goes By plot. However, rather than Dame Judy and Mr. Palmer, we have Derek Jacobi (Vicious) and Anne Reid (Unfinished Song) to root for. For my money and time, the addition of Nicola Walker (Inside Men), is a huge plus as well. It swings between drama and broad comedy, but somehow manages to feel real throughout. Even Lancashire’s (The Paradise) bound-too-tight, independent woman exposes enough vulnerabilities to seem like a person rather than a cliche.

This second series shifts more to the drama side, but with plenty of biting humor to keep it all going nicely. The cast returns in full and continues to expand their characters. And a third series is already on order, so you needn’t be worried about being left hanging.

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