The Lego Movie


Yes, I’m one of the few that missed this film earlier in the year. From the time it was announced I was dubious that it would be possible to create a film based on this much loved toy that wasn’t just a long commercial. And, for the record, I had a ton of Lego growing up… and some into adulthood.

While there were aspects that edged into areas I was worried about, generally the nods in those direction were ironic or done with amused nostalgia; good inside jokes for the adults in the audience. The rest of the story was predictable, silly, and aimed at the very young. If it weren’t for the last 15 minutes (which I saw coming a mile away) it would have been been just silly pablum that I’d wish I had never spent my time watching. The conceit raised my opinion to a barely acceptable three stars. I’m not being a curmudgeon here, I laughed at the film, but it wasn’t groundbreaking or even all that clever, it just … was. I can see why kids loved it. The movie plays directly into their humor and sense of play and life.

Certainly it leaves you with a message by the final credits. But the result is rather male-centric despite having a strong female character because they diminished her by the choices they made. Frankly, it just isn’t that original a script. It was a great short film idea that got stretched to a full-length and clearly mined a sentiment that made it millions. I had hoped for more and expected way less so, on balance, it wasn’t a total waste. But I don’t need to see this again and, unless you feel the need to be culturally relevant, you can probably skip this too… unless you want to put it to watch with a child. And even then, there are better films out there to share.

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