Leverage (Season 4)

If you haven’t yet discovered Leverage, you should. Honestly, I suspect most folks have as I came to this show later than most, but just in case, I wanted to post this.

Leverage is, for the most part, a silly kind of fun with just a little bit of a bite. Think of it as a slightly less earnest Mission Impossible and with a lot more humor. In fact, the first 3 seasons had a bit too much humor, making the show diverting but not much more. It was great to drop in on but, minus the infrequent cliff-hangers, not much reason to have to come back the next week. Season 4 changed that for me. The season built nicely and the characters are well settled and fleshed out from the histories they’ve laid out over the previous few years.

As an ensemble, the cast is great collection of talent. Hutton, as the headliner, is well-known to start with and has a great history that began years ago with Ordinary People. If you haven’t caught Chaykin, Matchett, and him, et. al. in Nero Wolfe, it is another great recommendation. Kane, who came into TV consciousness via Angel with a great arc through the series, continues to entertain and impress. Bellman was better known to UK viewers for Coupling, Jekyll, and then there was the delightful indie, Zerophilia. Hodge and Riesgraf round out the cast nicely as new comers.

One unexpected bonus is that the commentaries on the discs are really well done. They’re entertaining, interesting, and even educational for those in the industry.

I’ve never found an episode to be boring, though many that aren’t very probable. But as the whole series is done with a nod and wink, so you can squint your eyes and just have fun. And they are great at having fun.

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