Line of Duty (Series 2)


The return of this series (on Hulu again) came with a bit of trepidation for me. The first round ended on an odd note and no clear path forward for the main character. But, like life, the characters just continued on their path… though not entirely without consequences.

Compston (The Great Train Robbery), McClure (Broadchurch) , and Dunbar return to help untangle another byzantine mess of a situation. And series one is not forgotten as part of the mystery–it is, in fact, used to build on the revelations of this new series in rather unexpected ways.

Series 2 centers on the very capable and recognizable Hawes (The Ambassadors, Tipping the Velvet) and Bonnar (The Paradise).  It is a much more interesting and less arch a thriller than the first series was. But, if you’re hoping for a more satisfying ending, let go of that now. The story builds and resolves, for the most part, believably, but not for any of the reasons you hope for.

Rather than the typical police dramas, this show has become an interesting commentary on the nature of truth, power, and justice. And none of the definitions are comfortable or idealistic.

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