Line of Duty

The turnaround from BBC to Hulu continues to shrink (delightfully, IMO) with the addition of Line of Duty. This is a not quite standard, 5-part, inner-working-of-the-police drama which aired very recently in June of this year in the UK.

The show is well done, as you’d expect, and with some very nice surprises. The series does ultimately fail to satisfy, though perhaps that was its point. The ride, however, is a fun one. It is full of unexpected shifts, events, and perspectives. The plot and presentation is definitely on the more gritty and slightly over-written side of things. The stakes are high and the depravity of many of the characters is explored. Much like Inside Men, the question of who is good and who isn’t is played with constantly, though sometimes it is a matter of degree or relativity than it is definitive. However, it isn’t nearly as adept or complex as Luther brings to screen.

For a short commitment, it certainly won’t bore you. Whether you’d like to get on the couch with these characters again is another story. They are well portrayed by a practised cast, though not as well known to US audience. Lennie JamesOwen Teale, and Adrian Dunbar are probably the best recognized having appeared in movies and TV for years. But younger actors, Martin CompstonKate Ashfield, and Vicky McClure are worth noting and watching for if you haven’t come across them yet.



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