Luther: Series 2

The danger with coming out of the gate with a brilliant new series is having to follow it up with new, equally good efforts. While shorter than the first series, the second takes on new and darker subjects and is just as good or better than the first. I was greatly relieved by that fact.

Told as two diptychs, and one over-reaching arc, we get to compare Luther’s drive and guilt and darkness to those who didn’t harness it for good. There are even some nice guest appearances, such as the side-kick from George Gently in a wonderfully creepy role.

But, while the depth that humanity sinks to in this series is often without bounds, the second of the big bads in this series really put the underline under evil as chaos, and is played brilliantly by Steven Robertson. Elba, as well, continues to amaze and horrify with his depiction of a lost cop trying to do right in a world that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Unfortunately, he is also probably getting more expensive with his successes on small and large screen and I can only hope that he will continue to add more to this series in the future. Truly a show not to be missed, but also not for the squeamish.

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