McDonald & Dodds

[3 stars]

To be honest, this isn’t a great show. But the continued character development and interaction between Jason Watkins and Tala Gouveia is what makes these stories fun. In other words, they’ve built on the first season but there hasn’t been any appreciable improvement in the writing. However, I was happy to see them back off a little with James Murray’s CS Houseman, who is still just an ass and a political animal in ways that make him a lousy cop.

What is interesting in this second go-round is how very unlikeable all the potential suspects are (and even the victims). There is just no room for sympathy for any of them; they’re all awful and selfish people. In some ways this forces your attention back on the titular duo, but it also makes the mysteries a little less satisfying. Sure the bad folks get what’s coming to them, and then some. But the police procedural aspects are weak (at best) and the motivational ambiguities are so obvious as to make each 90 minute episode a little boring. Not that there aren’t surprises and twists, but you never feel sympathy for any of the victims or perpetrators. And that, in my opinion, weakens the results.

But, if you are looking for some light mystery character escapism, this definitely still will do.

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