Mission: Impossible 5 – Rogue Nation


Hate on Cruise (Edge of Tomorrow) all you want, the man can still pick and deliver on action films. This latest installment isn’t quite up to Bird’s Ghost Protocol in heart, but it has an incredibly complex plot and some outstanding stunts and fights to help balance that out. It does leave it a bit hollow as a story, but the MI series was never incredibly deep to begin with.

The last cast are back and continue their characters from where they left off. Renner (Avengers: Age of Ultron) now runs the IMF and Pegg (Hector and the Search for Happiness), Rhames (Piranha ), and even Baldwin (Still Alice) fill in the necessities.

Perhaps the best new addition to the story was Ferguson (Hercules). She easily co-lead the story with Cruise, adding some serious female kick-ass to the mix. Playing her cards very close, she manages to keep her character all the more interesting. Half the game is figuring out what she really wants.

Harris (The Borgias) and McBurney (The Casual Vacancy), as ostensible walls for the team to bump into also do a nice job of keeping things fresh and moving. And, even as arch as Harris is, there is a logic to them both and an emotional core. Hollander (A Poet in New York) inserts a nicely rounded Prime Minister to the plot as well.

This is just simply a lot of fun. McQuarrie, similar to his directing  efforts with Jack Reacher, is a bit ham handed in the editing room, over-compressing the fight scenes so they never land emotionally. But the script, also like many of his previous work such as Edge of Tomorrow and The Usual Suspects, is snappy, intelligent and entertaining… if only he could learn how to film them better. But even with these issues, the film is a great deal of fun and right in keeping with a summer mind-set. Get your popcorn and strap in for some fun, you won’t be disappointed.

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