Muppets Most Wanted


I had high hopes for this sequel after the mighty return of these fabulous felt friends. But the magic that was in the first film just wasn’t quite there. Though it was conscious of its roots, and had a few great moments, it was generally just a Muppet adventure. And it wasn’t even that great an adventure.

Perhaps what through this film off even more is that it purportedly picks up seconds after the end of the previous film. I expected something more like that than I got. I will say that the lyrics this round, and the musical numbers, were generally more entertaining and, much like the most recent Dhoom, often built into the plot.  But the audience was aimed a bit younger than the last film. That shift made it lost a lot of the adult appeal.

Overall, it was a mildly diverting entertainment with some great cameos and human talent mixed in. But I found myself only paying half-attention through much of it as it just didn’t grab and hold me through story or spectacle. Frankly, it just didn’t have the same heart that the previous movie managed.

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