Murder: Joint Enterprise

What do you get when the Danish creator of The Killing (2007, Birger Larsen) takes on a question of murder in Nottingham? You get a twisted piece of police procedural that ends up more about the people and the system than the victim and the answer.

What makes this different is the presentation. All of the information comes from one-sided interview/monologues. We get to piece together events and re-evaluate the facts and people as we learn more and more. Information is often repeated like a poetic litany. The first half of the program is an information dump that is constantly shifting and evolving. While you may get way ahead of the answers, you aren’t likely to get to the end results; which are only marginally related to the inciting events.

The cast is wonderfully filled out, led by Joe Dempsie (SkinsThe FadesGame of Thrones) and Karla Crome (upcoming on the newest series of Misfits). They each create characters that morph before us constantly as they work their way through the situation. Supporting them are Lauren Socha (Misfits), Claire Rushbrook (The Fades, and a ton of BBC work), Robert Pugh (Hollow Crown, Game of Thrones, Kinky Boots), and others who round out the world and the situation.

This was a one-shot, one hour piece. Perhaps it was a counterpoint pilot to Accused, but I’m unaware of any series at this time that is coming. Like Accused, it feels like a one-act play. It is condensed, hypnotic, and surprising as it unfolds. It isn’t a show that will make you feel better about the system or society, but the performances and the structure are worth your time investment.

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