I had really been looking forward to a silly, distracting evening with Neeson (A Million Ways to Die in the West) kicking-ass … again. This time on a plane. Oh, the disappointment.

Seriously, the idea wasn’t too bad, but the writing and devolution into polemic really had me groaning. The only things that kept me watching were the mystery (which was twisty) and the performances of the leads, Neeson and Moore (Still Alice). Dockery (The Hollow Crown) and McNairy (Gone Girl) also delivered controlled turns in smaller roles. Everyone else was pretty much painfully over-the-top, especially Stoll (This is Where I Leave You).

This film re-pairs director Collett-Serra with his Unknown star. And the comfort and trust show in the performances. He also edited the story for maximum thrust once it got going. But no amount of driving, forward motion can hide the ugly territory you have to go through in the script. Seriously bad research and manipulated reactions to keep the story on track get more frustrating as the story unfolds. In more practiced hands, this might have been a great deal of fun, but as it was, this was just a train-wreck of a story… on a plane.

Unless you are a rabid Neeson fan, skip this one and save yourself the time.

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