Orphan Black (series 4)


I haven’t written about this show since its first season. mainly because the subsequent two series were entertaining but, other than Tatiana Maslany’s (Woman in Gold) acting, nothing to write home about. The plots were silly, the writing marginal, and the sense of reality somewhat lacking. I was very concerned by the end of last season that they’d lost their way entirely and wouldn’t be able to write their way out of it all.

However, the creators had the sense to dial back the scope and focus on the people and issues. The world is still in danger, but the lens for that is trained more on the bits we really care about. Sure, the continued silliness and gaps in science and character choices still continue, but so also does Maslany’s incredible efforts as the many clones she has to play.

If you haven’t been hooked by the previous years, this isn’t going to change your mind. But if you had enjoyed it in the past and had been worried, as was I, it may restore your faith as well. Meantime, with the end in sight next season, I’m curious to see how they manage to wrap it all up in a tangled little bow. Since they are getting to plan their exit, I have hope it will satisfy, despite the rather severe cliff-hanger they left us with again this season.

Orphan Black

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