Pacific Rim: The Black

[3 stars]

Netflix continues its push into adult anime. Like Voltron, Castlevania and Blood of Zeus, this latest was provided a short initial season to see if it would stick. I have to say, I’m hoping it will. While clearly aimed at tweens, the story is decidedly dark and more mature…even more so than Voltron was. Admittedly, it still adopts some of the typical anime riffs and doesn’t hide its biggest secrets very well from the audience. But it does pack a lot into it’s first seven episodes.

Now, neither Pacific Rim nor its sequel were particularly great movies. Fun, but not great. This animation spin-off tries to correct for some of their lacks by injecting more story into the Kaiju action. But the result, despite some of the echoes, is no Exosquad. Part of the challenge is the made up science and backstory…which never really made much sense. And it still doesn’t. But in animation it feels a bit more acceptable than it did in live action.

The art and voice talent are all solid. No standouts, and no big names, but everyone delivers on all sides of the production. It certainly isn’t a big commit at 22 min/episode if you want to try it out. I definitely found myself enjoying it and the darker depth of the plot.

Pacific Rim: The Black Poster

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