Let’s start with what this ISN’T. Despite the title, it isn’t an Omen-like horror film and it isn’t remotely like Kingdom or amsuing in the least. It IS something between a “call to arms” and “a cautionary tale,” depending on how you veiw it. Or both. From the beginning it is quite in your face with its subject matter: sex, power, andgender relations. That isn’t apparent till well into the movie, but it is there on reflection. Now either this film is about why professionals should never treat their own family or it is a call to arms for women in general to overthrow male dominance and take an equal, if not dominant, standing of their own (or bothg). Ultimately, this is a beautifully filmed, creepy, taught psycho-sociological drama with moments that will make you cover your eyes… they’re just too real. It is effective, if a slight head-scratcher in some ways. It also provided me with my best reason yet for never going camping!

Dictrict 13: Ultimatum


OK, yes, more of the same of the original, but that is saying something. Good movie? No, not really, but rip roaring fun and jaw-dropping stunts and fighting. Viewed as extreme dance, way cool. Definitely done with more money than B13 was, but it didn’t lose itself in that trap, using the $$s to improve film quality and the occasionl prop and site rental. Not for everyone, but if you love Jackie Chan for the choreography, you’ll love this.

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