Much better than anticipated… but went in with near zero expectations. Have to say that, despite it being a roller-coaster disater-fest (with some really annoyingly bad science at points) at least they try to build the story and address what would happen if the gov’ts knew the world was coming to an end. No real surprises… you can mark the dead to come from the first frames, but the F/X, even on a smaller screen, were jaw-dropping and the performances were far from the Irwin Allen cameo-laden silliness of the 70s. Great popcorn fair, but not much else.

Stargate Universe: Season 1


Like it enough to keep coming back and they’ve definitely reinvented the look and feel of the franchise. But they’ve a way to go to proving they can sustain and that they can build some engaging long arcs. Main frustration? The stupid half-season structure that SyFy (ugh, still hate that name) has imposed and used to try and make more money on DVD sales. Kills interest and momentum, and eventually the show itself when the audience drifts away.

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